When the Department of Labor Ignores Labor

I’m a long term hourly LSR in the RESEA program and I have been with labor for about 9 years. As an hourly, I’m responsible for the same duties permanent LSRs perform. However, I earn about $15,000 to $18,000 less a year then a permanent with 8 years of experience. Moreover, as an hourly, I can’t be considered for promotions or transfers.  To add insult to injury, I also earn less than permanent LSRs with 2 years of experience. Go figure. 

On the last LSR exam given in 2017, I scored a 90, and missed getting a 100 by 2 questions. So getting 2 more questions wrong than candidates who scored a 100 cost me about $15,000 to $18,000 a year in earnings and any hope of becoming permanent in the foreseeable future. 

I feel like a second class citizen at DOL.  When I first started working at DOL I was advised by permanent staff that hourlies don’t matter and to search for new work. 

I love working at DOL, and I’m passionate about helping job seekers secure meaningful employment. I’m good at my job and I want a career at DOL. I just want to be compensated and treated fairly and given respect for the work I do. 

This story was submitted by a member at the New York Department of Labor. Identifying information has been redacted for their protection.

I Demand A Fair Contract!

Dear Commissioner,

New York Public Employees Make Life in New York Possible. I want them to receive the salary, benefits, and quality of life they deserve! Public Employees in your agency and others need the fair contract that PEF is fighting for. 

You have the power to make a lasting impact on the State of New York. I hope you take this opportunity to improve the quality of life for hard working New York Public Employees. 


[Your Name Here]