Ensuring our members have safe, healthy has always been a key part of PEF’s work. But with the recent concerns about Coronavirus – this has become even more essential. Our members at the Finger Lakes DDSO/OPWDD Central office at 509 Vienna St. in Newark, NY raised concerns over the bathrooms in 2017 – but nothing […]

What does being a Fire Protection Specialist mean to me and my family?

It means being on call, all the time. It means leaving my family for 2 weeks at a time to keep the visitors to the NYS Fair safe. It means walking miles per day inspecting colleges and universities across this State. It means permitting fireworks displays that the public enjoys.  It means leaving my family […]

Contract Update: Team committed to getting the contract you deserve

President Wayne Spence and the PEF Contract Team continue to try to engage the state in meaningful dialogue on issues crucial to a contract, including longevity, dental benefits, across-the-board salary increases, and expansion of the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP). “Our bargaining demands are consistently being met with ‘no’ from across the table,” said Contract Team […]

NYS lost track of over 3,200 parolees, including violent sex offenders

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) Thousands of parolees unaccounted for! It’s the job of the State to keep track of inmates it releases from prison to community supervision, but CBS 6 has learned the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision lost track of nearly ten percent of the convicts it was supposed to be watching! The people […]

NYS is keeping full-time employees as hourly workers

I have been an hourly employee for 8 years.  I enjoy my job and I am good at what I do. It is extremely disappointing that the state has not granted me permanent status after all this time.  The pilot program I was hired for, REA, is now known as RESEA and is the preferred […]

Hourly Hardships

 I would like my story to remain anonymous if you please.  I will personally express that I feel many nurses hold back their stories for fear of retaliation and that nurses could literally write books about the short-comings, close calls, and corners they had to cut.  I fear such a book would belong more in the horror section than […]

Our Unsung Heros – Fire Protection Specialists

The many days always from home, rather for teaching or on responses has been a huge strain on my family. I have missed many functions over the years; daughters school functions, anniversaries, birthdays. There is an unbelievable amount of stress placed on my family each and every time I pull out of the driveway and […]

When the Department of Labor Ignores Labor

I’m a long term hourly LSR in the RESEA program and I have been with labor for about 9 years. As an hourly, I’m responsible for the same duties permanent LSRs perform. However, I earn about $15,000 to $18,000 less a year then a permanent with 8 years of experience. Moreover, as an hourly, I […]