I have been an hourly employee for 8 years.  I enjoy my job and I am good at what I do. It is extremely disappointing that the state has not granted me permanent status after all this time.  The pilot program I was hired for, REA, is now known as RESEA and is the preferred program for NYS unemployment services. Therefore, the program should continue long-term.

My employee reviews are consistently satisfactory, and I have been recognized numerous times by management and customers for my quality of work and service. In 2017, I passed the LSR and PCO exam.  I have had multiple managers inquire about what I scored on the LSR and PCO exam hoping I was reachable for permanent status. One of the managers was from Albany who, upon meeting me for the first time, stated how impressed he was with my performance the day we worked together.  He took me aside inquiring about my status in my position since there was an opening in his department. Additionally, he took the initiative to speak with a manager in my office to see if anything could be done to grant me permanent placement. Recently, a manager from my office inquired about my exam grade and stated she could see me in a Supervisory role and that I was one of her top LSRs.

As earlier mentioned, I often receive compliments and e-mails from the customers I serve.  Therefore, I thought it most appropriate to share some excerpts of these e-mails for you to enjoy.  I take great pride in them! (I can provide the actual e-mail if requested.)

I was pleasantly surprised by your incredibly insightful guidance.  I have worked with a top-notch recruiter who has not been nearly as helpful. Michelle 10/15/19

Thank you for your response.  As always, I appreciate your dedication.  You are wonderful at your job! Cherly 8/9/16

I hope you remember me.  I was unemployed between May and October 2015, and you met with me and gave me some good advice.  Since that time, I’ve gotten a freelance job at Sesame Workshop, and just started a free-lance full year job as a headwaiter for a children’s show.  Your help and guidance had a lot to do with my success… Cathi 12/23/15

I wanted to contact you to let you know that I have been working as a Lifeguard at Lifetime Fitness in Syosset since late December 2014.  Again, I want to thank you for all your help and tell you that you made me feel at ease and helped me stay positive. You were the bright spot through my visits to unemployment and again thank you. Rick 4/7/15

NYS DOL is conducting unfair labor practices by keeping hourlies in the same position indefinitely.  NYS DOL Career Centers are a division of workforce development, helping develop the state’s workforce. Suppressing hourlies ability to grow is against the principles of workforce development.  

Please do the right thing by your dedicated hourly employees by providing a clear-cut path to permanent status, affording upward mobility to additional posted permanent roles.  A career path is crucial to a positive workplace environment that recognizes the hard work of its dedicated employees.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

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