Ensuring our members have safe, healthy has always been a key part of PEF’s work. But with the recent concerns about Coronavirus – this has become even more essential.

Our members at the Finger Lakes DDSO/OPWDD Central office at 509 Vienna St. in Newark, NY raised concerns over the bathrooms in 2017 – but nothing has been done to help improve the health issues they are facing.

Below are images of their plight – viewer discretion is advised.

PEF leaders have asked multiple times and in multiple forums for a
DISCUSSION between Finger Lakes PEF members and Finger Lakes
management who can answer questions and solve the problems about our environmental concerns in the building.

Our members have asked to be involved in face to face meetings so their questions and concerns can be heard and addressed. Thus far we have gotten NO response back.

We are looking for a commitment to improvements in these conditions.

I Demand A Fair Contract!

Dear Commissioner,

New York Public Employees Make Life in New York Possible. I want them to receive the salary, benefits, and quality of life they deserve! Public Employees in your agency and others need the fair contract that PEF is fighting for. 

You have the power to make a lasting impact on the State of New York. I hope you take this opportunity to improve the quality of life for hard working New York Public Employees. 


[Your Name Here]